Our menu


100 Tomato soup
101 Broccoli soup
102 Onion soup
103 Pumpkin carrot soup


104 Focaccia Rosmarino

Pizza bread with rosemary & olive oil

105 Tomato mozzarella

mozzarella with fresh tomatoes & basil

106 Camembert baked

baked camembert with cranberries

107 Tomato bruschetta

with homemade basil and garlic pesto

108 Oven vegetables

served with beetroot sauce, bread & cheese


109 Small mixed salad

seasonal mixed salad

110 Large mixed salad

seasonal mixed salad

111 Tuna salad

seasonal mixed salad with tuna

112 House salad

seasonal mixed salad with feta cheese rolls

113 Le Bon salad

seasonal mixed salad with fresh chicken breast strips

114 Shrimp salad

seasonal mixed salad with large shrimp

115 Rocket salad

with cherry tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, Parmesan & vinaigrette

116 Salmon salad

seasonal mixed salad with stripes of salmon

117 Le Bon Coin salad

seasonal mixed salad with 3 tender lamb chops


118 Grilled gilthead

with rosemary potato, served with mediterranean vegetables

119 Pike-perch fillet

seared on the skin, served with spaghetti, Pesto alla Genovese & Parmesan

120 Salmon steak

with rice, served with creamed spinach


121 Cheeseburger

with beef patty & cheese, served with french fries

122 Hamburger

with beef patty, served with french fries

123 Chicken Burger

with chicken, served with french fries


Fried onions 1,50€
Bacon strips 2,00€
Cheese 1,10€

-Meat specialties-

124 Entrecôte

served with rosemary potatoes & mediterranean vegetables

125 Grilled chicken breast

served with French fries, side salad & herb butter

126 Lamb chop

served with mediterranean vegetables

127 Schnitzel

chicken schnitzel, served with French fries & side salad

128 Herb butter


129 Spaghetti Napoli

with tomato sauce

130 Spaghetti Carbonara

with ham, egg & cream sauce

131 Spaghetti Bolognese

with ground beef

132 Spaghetti Pesto

served with pesto made from fresh basil, pine nuts, parmesan & arugula

133 Penne all ́arrabbiata

with spicy tomato sauce

134 Penne all Gorgonzola & broccoli

in gorgonzola cream sauce & broccoli

135 Penne Salmone

with salmon fillet pieces & leaf spinach in white wine sauce

136 Le Bon Penne

chicken & mushrooms in tomato cream sauce

137 Lasagna

with ground beef


All pizzas (ø approx. 33 cm) are topped with tomato sauce and cheese

138 Pizza Margherita

mozzarella, fresh basil

139 Pizza Tonno

mozzarella, tuna & onions

140 Pizza Funghi

mozzarella & mushrooms

141 Pizza Salami

mozzarella & salami

142 Pizza arugula

mozzarella, Parmesan & arugula

143 Pizza Vegetaria

mozzarella, mushrooms, spinach, feta cheese, onions & olives

144 Pizza Florentina

mozzarella, Gorgonzola & spinach

145 Pizza Prosciutto Funghi

mozzarella, ham & mushrooms

146 Pizza Parma

mozzarella, Parmesan, Parma ham & arugula

147 Pizza Mista

mozzarella, salami, cooked ham, mushrooms & pepperoni

148 Pizza Hawaii

mozzarella, cooked ham & pineapple

149 Pizza Pecorino

mozzarella, spinach, feta cheese & garlic

150 Pizza Quattro Formaggi

mozzarella, Parmesan, feta & gorgonzola cheese

151 Pizza Prosciutto

mozzarella & ham

-Elsasser tarte flambée-

152 Classic tarte flambée

with onions & bacon

153 Bacon mozzarella tarte flambée

with onions, bacon & mozzarella

154 Tonno tarte flambée

with tuna, onions & mozzarella

155 Tarte flambée Pecorino

with spinach, feta cheese & cherry tomatoes


156 Tiramisu


157 Crêpes

served with vanilla ice cream

158 Apple strudel

with vanilla ice cream or sauce

159 Mixed ice cream

vanilla, chocolate, & strawberry ice cream, served with whipped cream

Our restaurant

The restaurant Le Bon Coin, located in Prenzlauer Berg at the Kollwitzstraße, spoils its guests with delicacies of modern European cuisine. The menu is amix of specialties such as pizza, pasta, burgers as well as refined dishes such as fish or meat. Tarte flambé, desserts and beverages complete the offer.

Our restaurant

Kollwitzstraße 42
10405 Berlin
Email: leboncoin.berlin@gmail.com
Telephone number: +49 30 37449370

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